Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Before school got out for the summer I purchased 5 Fisher Cats tickets from my Teacher's Union to take in a ball game at our local minor league. Monday night was game time...set to be complete with Fireworks and all. Well, there were fireworks, but not the pretty kind!

When we got there the sky was clear and beautiful. Here is Devin with my parents in the background.
Not sure whats up with the head tilt...but he's so cute I can't resist! See the sun in the background?
A little bit of Devin's photography...
Just before the first pitch (7:05pm) there was an announcement that due to the "small storm cell" headed our way the game was going to start late. The clouds moved in quickly and we all huddled under the cement awning area (near the concessions) to stay dry. The "small cell" never was a HUGE STORM CELL!! For 2 hours we stayed huddled in the crowded, hot, and sticky landing while it down poured with thunder and lightening. There were even tornado warnings (we didn't know it at the time). At 9:00 the game still had not started yet and we decided to leave. We later learned that the team got creamed by the visiting Sea Dogs and the fireworks were cancelled. BOO!! We also learned that we can use our tickets to get us into another home game sometime this season. Hopefully with better weather!! Yay!!!

At least Devin got a souvenir out of the deal...Maybe one day he will get to see a game.

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Joanna said...

Oh, what a crappy situation. I would have been so cranky. I hope you get to enjoy the the next try.