Sunday, July 4, 2010

White Mountains Getaway

During our vacation week we went up to the White Mountains. We left on Wednesday around 1:30pm and got home Friday at 6:45pm. Not a long trip, but we were able to pack in some fun nonetheless!

We picked up my Mom on our way, since she needed/deserved a little getaway!

Then we headed to our hotel where swimming and a soak in the hot tub were on the agenda for the evening. Thursday, since it was raining and blah, we headed to North Conway for some shopping. We also went to an ice cream shoppe with a nice playground to let Devin burn off some steam since it wasn't raining there (he was pretty good about being in the car and shopping so long considering he hates shopping!).

Friday we went to Santa's Village. We had a lot of fun there. Every one's favorite ride was the Peppermint Twist (kind of like the Pirate Ship if you are familiar with that). Devin also really enjoyed the bumper cars and Bah Hum Bug ride (shoot bugs with your lasers as your car rides through a dark building).

Devin got to visit with Santa too! They had quite a little chat about Devin's interests. ;)

There were even real reindeer! We got to feed them. So cute!

Here are a couple of my other favorite pics.
We had a great time!

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Kara said...

That looks like a fun place!