Friday, July 9, 2010

No Gross Pictures

I have tortured you all enough with the foot pictures, so I will refrain. Devin's foot is all healed up. Strangest thing...The second night Devin asked me to bandage it up so I put the burn ointment on it and wrapped it. The next morning the bubble was gone and now the skin appears to be thicker and darker.

In keeping with the "hurt foot" theme, I stepped on a piece of glass yesterday. I didn't realize it was glass and quickly rolled off of it and brushed it with my other foot. I saw blood. A considerable amount of blood. After cleaning up both my feet and the rug, I realized that the pain was still there. A check by Kim and Erick concluded that there was no glass. Still the pain persisted- from my toes up through my calf. After a while I came to the conclusion that I rolled/twisted my ankle when trying to quickly get off of the glass. A little swollen and sore still today, but I will be fine.

Hopefully we will have NO MORE foot accidents in the Smith household!!

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