Monday, August 30, 2010

School Days

Devin had his first day of Pre-Kindergarten (aka last year of pre-school) today. He was a bit nervous this morning. "'I'm going to miss you Mommy." he told me. So we talked about each of our "jobs." Devin's job is to go to school and learn and my job is to go to school and teach my students about reading. He understands this pretty well.

He was also nervous about being in a different class. Its filled with mostly the same children (a few newbies) but different teachers (one teacher in the am and one for after nap) and one thing we know about Devin is how much he LOVES Miss Emily (3 year old Pre-school teacher). He was a bit confused this morning but was getting the hang of things.

He will be just fine- my little social butterfly!

Here is Devin getting ready to leave the house this morning.
Cheesin' for Mommy
A silly muscle show-off shot!


Carrie77 said...

Love the muscle shot! LOL! :o)

Joanna said...

The muscle shot it great. Devin has so much personality. I hope his first day goes well and that he adjusts quickly.

Kara said...

Love him, you can just see that he has a great personality by looking at those pictures!