Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun In the Sun

On my off days from headaches I have been trying to make sure to do something fun with Devin. On Friday we went to Jenness Beach in Rye with my friend Carolyn from work and the infamous "Aiyah" aka Erin. I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. I always dread going to the beach but usually have a good time. Carolyn was great with Devin. She brought him in the water and taught him how to jump and ride the waves. She also brought him on a nice long walk. Here she is with him.
Devin played, a little bit, on the sand but would MUCH RATHER be in the water!
Of course my favorite pic of the day was taken on my phone so the colors aren't as vibrant.
The tide was out which was perfect for floating boats in the tide pool.
On Sunday we went up to Lake Sunapee for the day. My friend Heather's parents have a condo there. Erick, Devin, and I spent the day with Heather, Pierce, Marie (Heather's mom), and briefly saw Heather's brother, sister in law, and their friend. We were on the beach for a few hours. Erick took each of the boys kayaking and they all played water football and had a blast. Then we switched it up and went over to the heated pool. After that we headed to the condo to change. Erick took the boys to the playground while us ladies chit chatted and got some food ready. Dinner on the grill and a salad when the boys got back was delicious. By 7:30pm I thought we all might pass out and it was definitely time to head home. Devin slept the whole 1 hr 20 minute trip and Erick and I recounted the day. Unfortunately I have NO pictures of the adventure because I left my camera at home :(

Here is the lone camera pic I took on the way up.
Let's see what other adventures we can have this week!

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