Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wild Randomness

*Devin has recently been on the "Wild" side again (of Your Four Year Old: Wild and Wonderful). He has been fresh-mouthed and super-independent minded (seriously kid, you are not 18. Do you not know that?). He has also been acting like a spoiled brat lately. I do not think that is how we treat him. I think we have reasonable expectations for Devin. We have consequences for the freshness and poor choices. Devin has visited 'Time Out' a lot lately. Oye! I just keep reminding myself, "This too shall pass."

*Some things are different around here though. Devin and I are not used to being home all the time. We are not used to being together all the time. And we have been for 6 weeks now. Yes he is going to school one day a week, but otherwise we are together. All. The. Time. Erick, Bless his heart, has been working 6 long days a week to earn extra money while the overtime is there. Thank God for my Mom and Dad. They have kept Devin overnight a couple of times in the past few week-ends. That is a such a nice break.

*Also, recently I have had a headache. Like all day, EVERY day. I had a headache for 5 days, had a 1 day break and now have had it again for 3 days so far. This really puts a damper on things for me and Devin. I know its unfair for me to expect him to be quiet and calm all the time but its also unreasonable to expect me to take him out and about in the hot sun etc with a raging headache. That has been causing a lot of stress between us, unfortunately. I am hoping this headache will break soon (not sure why the meds aren't doing the trick!)

*I have 4 weeks of summer vacation left. 3 days of workshops during that time and hopefully a lot of fun to be had! Let's hope these headaches GO AWAY!


Joanna said...

Thanks for reminding me to pick up the four year old book so I know what I'm in for. We have been getting the sweet side, but I know the wild will come sooner or later.

I really hope your headache clears up and the two of you can enjoy the rest of the summer together.

Mel said...

We have a mix of sweet days and wild days, often going between sweet and wild several times a day! Ouch - I hope your headaches get better!

Chris said...

It sounds like I could have wrote most of this post. I am also a teacher and go back in 3 1/2 weeks for PD then start after labor day. AJ and I are not used to being together so much and it is showing with his behavior. He is a lot more mouthy! This too shall pass is all we can say!
Hope your headache gets better real soon!