Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Devin usually takes showers nowadays, but tonight was a bath kind of night.

Lolly loves water. She steals my straws and drinks my ice water all the time. She jumps in the tub as soon as anyone gets out of the shower, just so she can lick it clean! She is unlike any cat I've known!

Here are my "two" children at bathtime tonight.


Mel said...

hilarious! What a cat!

Joanna said...

So funny. My sister had a water cat too. He would meow until we turned the sink on for him so he could get some fresh water. Cracks me up to this day. Hoping into the shower to drink the wet floor is even funnier.

Lisa and Curtis said...

I LOVE this! She's so silly! I hope Sophie is like this one day!