Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Behavior Equation

Returning from vacation was much harder than I had anticipated. Devin had a very difficult time adjusting back to school. I think the majority of his problem was being so far off of his sleep schedule while we were gone. About a month before vacation (give or take) Devin decided to drop his nap at school. I was okay with this...he was 4.75 at that point and I felt lucky to get a nap out of him for so long, especially considering he was still going to bed early.

Well, take no naps + same bed time then + vacation (Super late bed time + on the go ALL day long + no nap) = one hellava bad boy upon return!

It took us almost a month to get our sweet Devin back! I'm not even joking! He had to go to bed an hour earlier every night for weeks! He is finally catching up on his sleep. He has even starting napping again some days and is back to his regular bedtime. He still goes to bed at an early time, 7:00pm...because he has always been a child who needs a lot of sleep.

As much as we all LOVED vacation....I'm not sure that Erick and I are chomping at the bits to take another big trip anytime soon.


Joanna said...

Oh, tired little boys are cranky little boys. I'm glad you have gotten him back on schedule.

Mel said...

I hear ya! We are on a very relaxed schedule this week for "staycation," so I'm sure it will be very painful to get back into the swing of things next week.