Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last Week-end

Friday night we went bowling with my good friend Heather and her son Pierce. The boys had so much fun, as they usually do together. Pierce is a year and a half older than Devin but they get a long really well. We went to Applebee's to eat dinner after and the boys had fun picking the same meal to order and coloring the same pictures on their menus. By the end of dinner they were tuckered out and having trouble NOT laying down on the seat!! I guess bowling wore them out!

(Devin took this picture of me and Heather.)

Saturday Devin got to play with some of his second cousins for a while before we went to play at a super fun new place called Nutin But Good Times!

(and the pics won't upload...I may or may not be back with them!)

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