Saturday, July 26, 2008

Family BBQ

We went to a family BBQ today and I want to share a couple of photos that were taken.

Here is a pic of my mother, grandmother, and me!

Erick and my mom

Devin and his "cousin" (my cousin's daughter) Nadia

And finally Devin giving Memmere some love!

It was nice to see everyone at the BBQ and there was PLENTY of food, but it sure was hot out! Devin ended up getting *really bad* heat rash and we had to cut it short, before all of the kids activities started. Thats ok, we are all beat from the sun anyway!!!

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Lisa & Curtis said...

awe, poor Devin got a rash! Bella gets those sometimes, and they suck! I feel like they must hurt:( I'm glad you all had fun though! That last pic is tooooo sweet!!~Lisa