Monday, November 23, 2009

Shh, don't tell!!!

Recently, Devin and I started listening to Christmas music in the car. I know its a little early, but I might be just as excited as he is for the upcoming holidays. Its something about experiencing the holidays through the eyes of a child that is exhilarating.

Anyway, after "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" we proceeded to have a conversation around this topic. I reminded him that he needed to be a good boy all the time or Santa wouldn't bring him any presents- I mean! (He has been having a couple of particularly challenging days and I am 98% sure its another ear infection- we'll know later today.)

He told me, "Don't tell Santa, okay Momma?"

This darn kid is too smart for his own good!

Oh and Santa, if you are reading this, Devin REALLY wants a "toy" Buzz Lightyear and Woody for Christmas. Not the real ones, the toys. (LOL)

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Rebecca said...

awww...I hope Santa can make them for him!