Friday, February 5, 2010

A New Milestone

Devin reached a new milestone yesterday...his first stitches! Luckily (for him and for us!) the physician's assistant was able to use the Steri-Strip stitches to put Devin's chin back together again.

Here's the story on it...last evening Devin was goofing around- crawling on his hands and feet with his butt up in the air when he caught his foot on the molding between the rug and the tile floor. Suddenly he face planted onto the tile floor. Somehow he managed to split the underside of his chin open. I didn't notice at first, as I was too busy consoling him, but when he pulled his hands down they were full of blood! I brought him into the bathroom to clean it up and check it out. It took a while to get the bleeding under control, but when I finally did I noticed how wide the gash was. It seemed to be about 1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. I called his pediatrician's office who said I should bring him into the ER to be examined.

Today, Devin was proudly showing off his wounded chin at school. "Look what happened! Look at my boo boo. See my chin?" I guess it makes him look stronger/braver/manlier (is that a word?? haha) He also brought along his new friend "Joe-What-Do-You-Know" the bear that the admissions people at St Josephs Hospital gave to him.

Clearly, he isn't too traumatized. Oh, and when Erick and I were talking to him about being careful when you play he said "What? Huh?" to us like it was a completely new and foreign concept to him!!! Oye! Why do I have a feeling this won't be our only injury induced ER trip for Devin?


Carrie77 said...

Oh, that gives me shudders. Poor guy! But, why are boys always so eager to show off their wounds? :)

House of Blues said...

boys boys boys, I tell ya!!! LOL
Konnor banged his head/eye on the wall and said "do you fink it will make a bruise??" all excited....ugh

Steph said...

Poor little guy... totally a boy though!

Joanna said...

I cringe just thinking about it. The first stitches milestone comes with about 50 gray hairs for mommy. I'm glad he was such a good sport about it. Good luck getting him to be careful in the future, I hope it works better with Devin than it does with Michael.