Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today Erick and I brought Devin to the SEE Science Center in Manchester. They are having a special dinosaur exhibit right now. The dinosaurs are pretty life-like, some are to size and move with robotics as well as make some noise (not loud though, to avoid scaring kids I would assume). The first time we brought Devin through the exhibit he was a little hesitant but then he was fine and curious, asking the dinosaurs questions, which we tried to answer by reading their information plaques. He was also talking to the dinosaurs. It was pretty cute. We went through the exhibit about 4 times!
FYI: Devin only tried this after Erick did it.
This was Devin the first time around as he walked full speed ahead. He was much better the following 3 times through!
They also had a dinosaur play area, dinosaur puppet show, magnetic dinosaurs, robotic dinosaur for the kids to try, mulch play area, crayon rubbings and more.

Downstairs there was a LEGO exhibit which I found particularly interesting. There was a Statue of Liberty made completely of Legos.
The main event, though, was the display of the Manchester Mills. It was amazing! There was a historical chronology of Manchester right there in Legos. It was awesome! This picture shows parts of Elm St in the front with mills in the background.

The Mills
The picture below shows the inside of the mills. My paternal grandmother worked in these mills.
This is the Amoskeag Bridge. I had nightmares when they tore this bridge down because they replaced it with a bridge that didn't have the tall columns and I didn't think it would be as safe! (I was maybe 10-12 when this happened?)
Below was Pine Island Park. I never had the pleasure of going there, but I've heard it was fun! Now, an insurance company sits on that piece of land. Fun.
Devin didn't find the Lego area as impressive as we did, although he did like the set-ups where he could press a button and make something move or blow on the hole and make a tree fall down. Erick and I would have liked to spend more time checking out the Manchester Lego display. Maybe next time...

On the other side of the bottom floor was interactive hands-on fun!

We had fun at the SEE Science Center and think it was a great kick-off to our winter vacation!


Stacey said...

That Manchester Mills exhibit looks so awesome! I think I'd have to go back without my kid to really enjoy it.

Devin is a brave kid. Those dinosaurs look pretty scary. My child will not even go in the vicinity of the Rainforest Cafe at the mall due to the fake crocodile.

Steph said...

That looks awesome! The dinosaurs are great, and the rest of it looks fun too. Cooper loves those gear wall things.

Joanna said...

That is a cool exhibit! Michael would go crazy there! I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves.

(LOL, I can identify all of the dinos in your pictures. I know way more about them than I ever really cared to know.)