Sunday, May 16, 2010

Party-filled Week-end

We had a wonderful, fun, busy, and exhausting week-end. We visited with Grandma and Papa on Friday and had Grandma over our house for a visit on Saturday morning. Emma's 4th birthday party was Saturday afternoon, and then a surprise (kid-free) 30th for my best friend Saturday night. Sunday morning we had swim lessons followed by a birthday party for Devin's friend from school. We were supposed to go to a Going Away BBQ Sunday afternoon, but by the time Devin woke up from his nap we were so tired, had headaches, and were engrossed in some de-cluttering that we skipped it (sorry friends!).

Phew, are you tired from reading about our busy week-end?? All of the events were so fun! It always nice to see friends and family and enjoy some time eating, talking, and laughing.

These pictures are from Devin's classmate's 4th birthday party Sunday. It was nice and small and they had a man there who was incredible with balloons. Here is his website.

Here are Devin and his 2 best buddies from school. The pic is a little fuzzy, but way worth posting!
The boys are all SOOOO in to Buzz Lightyear and Sean made a special Buzz balloon for the birthday boy.
Devin asked for a Monster...How cool is that?!?!
Of course Daddy had to get in on the action too!!
So, I think I need a week-end to recover from my week-end....


Mel said...

Cool balloons! (Or boons, as Mariele calls them;)

Fullerton Family said...

Yep, I'm tired just reading about it! Sounds like fun, though!! And those balloons are awesome!

Heidi O said...

Sounds like a full weekend! Love the balloon photos!

Joanna said...

Awesome weekend! I love those balloons. They are amazing.

Dude, I so need a break from the parties.

Carrie77 said...

LOL! What AN AWESOME Buzz Year balloon creation! Just awesome!