Friday, May 7, 2010

4 Years Old

Devin had his 4 year check up yesterday. He weighed in at 51.5 pounds and 43.5 inches. (97th and 95th percentiles, respectively). He is our big boy!

Cute though, isn't he?

He had 3 vaccines in 2 shots. He screamed before they were given and tried to break away from us (3 nurses and myself) but we held him down- he is strong!!! After the shots he was fine- like oh that's it? He woke up this morning with a 101* fever though. I think the vaccinations got him.

We also saw a Pediatric Pulminologist yesterday (coincidence that the appointments fell on the same day) who said that Devin's asthma was correctly diagnosed and medicated. Good to know my Pediatrician knows what she is doing! Devin will stay on 1mg of Pulmicort a day with the Xopenex inhaler as needed.


Heidi O said...

He's huge! I am glad the appts went well. And I am so not looking forward to the shots.

Carrie77 said...

Wow, he is going to be a future football player someday! ;o)- I didn't know he had asthma, glad that it is being controlled with the right medicine.

Mel said...

Analese got her fever on last night (Sat. night) after having shots on Tues. morning. She had fever this morning (Sun) as well. Hope Devin will feel better from his soon.