Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Birthday Post

On Saturday, May 1st Devin celebrated his 4th birthday. So far, 4 has been a welcomed breath of fresh air. Devin has been cooperative all week, mostly well-behaved, and has some new found independence in dressing himself every day. I hope this continues!

This year was the first year we had a big party for Devin. We've always celebrated with close family and a couple of friends, but this year we had about 13 kids and 20 or so adults. It was great! We had perfect weather, entertainment (a big bounce house means well behaved children!), good food, and lots of fun! Devin was surprised by the large Toy Story bounce house and that was definitely his favorite part of the day.The cake, made by my sister-in-law Courtney, was the next big hit! It depicts the scene from the original Toy Story where the claw is grabbing Buzz out of the machine and Woody is trying to pull him back in with the aliens in the background. Super fun!

Check out all of our family and friends that showed up to help us celebrate!Devin is a very serious present opener.

Devin, Erick, and I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for joining us and for all of the wonderful presents.


Carrie77 said...

LOVE the cake! He does look very serious opening all those gifts. Happy birthday Devin!

Anonymous said...

hi all