Saturday, May 22, 2010

Karate Kid

Several times this week I sat down to write a new post about this or that and got distracted....So here is, FINALLY, a new entry.

We decided to enroll Devin in a "Little Ninjas" class at a local Kenpo Karate school. I saw the ad for this pre-school program in our town paper. You can see the ad here. I love the focus on listening, attention, control, and respect that the class offers. After speaking with the owner, Erick and I decided to have Devin try it out. He went Thursday for the first of 2 private sessions before he begins regular classes. I thought it was amazing!!

"Yes sir! No sir!" and bowing to enter/leave the floor. The instructor placed a gentle hand on Devin's shoulder to keep his attention and expected him to follow multiple directions. The instructor (with my guidance) also helped Devin to develop a goal to work on to earn his white belt next week. Devin has to work on keeping his hands to himself/not touching others when they don't want/expect it.

The instructor does a lot of stranger danger and bully talk throughout his sessions, and they have fun while learning and achieving goals (such a great life skill- learning to work hard to achieve goals!) with the kids. The next day Erick realized that this studio is the same place that his friend's son goes to and they are VERY happy with it- all great things to say about the school and the owner/instructor. And so, I feel even better about our decision to enroll Devin in karate class.

PS Devin likes it too!


Kara said...

Sounds like a great class. You have got to post some pics of him in his uniform.

Lisa and Curtis said...

That sounds awesome! I'd love to see pics too! I bet he loves it!

Lisa and Curtis said...

That sounds awesome! I'd love to see pics too! I bet he loves it!