Monday, August 25, 2008

My Sicky

The Time Line: Late last week Devin started with a runny nose. On Saturday evening I noticed that he was feeling warm. When I checked his temperature he had a 100* temp so I gave him Motrin and brought him home (we had been having a super fun day at my parent's house). By Sunday after nap time his fever was up to 102* and Monday morning (my first day back at school) his temp was up to 103*. I went off to work, to sit in countless meetings and think about my sick boy at home, while Erick brought Devin to the doctor's. The doctor, not his usual, said he had a very pussy and infected right ear. She told Erick that Devin's swimming season was over and gave him antibiotics and ear drops. All this afternoon Devin's temperature never came down from 102-103*, even with the Motrin. At one point Devin was shivering badly so Erick called the doctor's office back to speak with a nurse. The nurse told Erick that we could increase Devin's Motrin dose, but now we have to wait until 10 pm to do so. I just put him to bed wearing only a diaper, with a cool towel on his back, and a 103* fever. :( The plan is that we will go check on him at 10 pm and give him a higher dose of motrin and make sure that he is alright.

My feelings: I hate when Devin is sick and feel so badly for him. I feel so helpless that I can not bring his fever down. I also feel bad that I am not home with him. All summer I have been here and the worst he has had is a stuffy nose. Now he has this ear infection with crazy fevers my first day back at work for a new school year!

Luckily: Erick is on vacation again this week and had planned on being home with Devin anyway. This works out because one of us does not have to miss work and use sick time AND we aren't paying the sitter yet, so no child care costs for services not rendered!

The entertainment: While Devin has been sick, we have been letting him watch more tv/movies than usual. The reason for this is that he has such a high tolerance for pain that he is still trying to run around and play even though his body doesn't really let him. He has to keep coming over to the couch and put his head down. This is why we let watch movies to calm down/relax/rest. His favorite? Toy Story and Toy Story 2 back to back, over and over!!! They are a cute series of movies, the first 2, 3, even 4 times but now...especially after 3 times in one day, its getting a bit old! LOL


Stacey said...

I am so sorry to hear that Devin is so sick. I hope he is doing better. I hate when they are that sick.

Stacey said...
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Fullerton Family said...

Aw, poor little guy! I hope he gets feeling better soon! It breaks my heart when they get sick!