Friday, August 15, 2008

On the Potty Training Front...

After weeks of Devin REFUSING to sit on the toilet, he finally went poop on it today!!! Yay! Immediately following his business, I took him off the potty . As I turned him, to wipe, he proceeded to PEE ALL OVER ME! Seriously, he got my shirt, my pants, and my bare foot! Not to mention the bathroom rug, floor, and toilet seat! Oh the joys of parenting!

Lesson learned? Try to convince Devin to stay on a few minutes after he poops, to clear out any pee!


Kaycee said...

Haha! GO DEVIN!! That's great he went poo poo! I bet it's so much different with a boy. lol!

Lisa & Curtis said...

Yay for Devin!! That is so great!!
LOL I remember that w/Xavier. Ahh, the "joys" of parenting. And why does this seem to rarely, if EVER happen to the dad's is what I want to know? ;-)

Zoey's Mommy said...

That's so awesome that he went poop on the potty!! I wish we could get Zoey to want to go on the toilet. She seems to have pretty much no interest. We even let her pick out some cute Curious George panties today. She went pee on the potty, put the panties on and not even 30 seconds later peed again. Ugh!

That's pretty funny about him peeing all over though. Zoey once went pee in the toilet, got off and pooped on the bathroom floor.