Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update on Devin

Devin is still battling the ear infection. After several days on amoxicillan (sp?) Devin was still having high fevers, not eating well, and ubber crabby. Since this week is my first week back at school, Erick took him to the doctor's again this morning. Erick has been such a sport about caring for Devin on his vacation. He is such a good Daddy! Anyway, the doctor said that there was no improvement in his nasty ear infection and switched up the meds. He should be good as new by Saturday! I hope so anyway, I'd like to be able to do some fun family things this week-end and Devin has a birthday party to attend on Saturday!

On a side note, Devin is now fully addicted to Toy Story, the movie! Oh my goodness! The kid wants to watch this movie all the time! I even borrowed some movies from a friend, and Devin still just wants Toy Story!!!!


Joanna said...

I'm sorry to hear that Devin's EI wasn't reacting to the meds. I hope the need ones do the job and that you guys have a great weekend.

And what is it with the repetative movie watching? Ugh.

Karen said...

The movie of choice is "Cars" here!!

Steph said...

Poor Devin, hope his ears clear up soon.

Cooper likes Toy Story 2, but I think Cars is probably his all time favorite too!

Lisa and Curtis said...

I hope he is feeling better Karla! Hugs for you and Devin!