Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Going to the doctors' offices in the past 2 weeks....$150

Medicine for the past 2 weeks....$50

Amount equal to getting my family healthy again....PRICELESS!!!!


Thankfully I am feeling about 85% better, and Erick is probably about 90% better. Its now Devin we have to get on the feel-better train! He has another double bursting ear infection on top of this virus that Erick and I had! Poor kid. We will be bringing Devin back to the ENT (Ear Nose Throat) soon. More to come on that as the situation develops!


LauraC said...

That sounds like my January 2007! Sick the entire time and then ear tubes for Nate in Feb 07! Glad to hear you are all on the mend.

Zoey's Mommy said...

I just feel so bad for Devin. I'll be thinking of him and hoping he gets better ASAP.

But I am glad to hear that you and Erick are feeling better!! :)

Shauna said...

Great news that you guys are getting better, now it's Devins turn! Ear infections are the worst. I hope he gets better soon.

Steph said...

Glad you both are feeling better, but poor Devin! If he needs tubes, we saw Dr. Thatcher at Andover ENT and his tubes surgery was at Lawrence General-both were great and I would recommend him and the hospital.

Joanna said...

Ouch. Poor kid.