Friday, February 6, 2009

UPDATE on Devin

Devin seems like he is beginning to get better. Today is the first day we have started to notice a difference. One of the biggest problems in Devin being sick, is his behavior. I don't mean that he is just a little bit fussy, I mean that he is FULL FLEDGED disobedient! He obviously has a hard time hearing because of the severity of the ear infections he has been getting, but then he proceeds to double on that by ignoring and talking back, being defiant. He is mean and rude. He hits, pushes, and hurts. He does everything he knows he should not do. He does everything that he doesn't do when he is healthy.

It is VERY frustrating. It is wearing physically, emotionally, and mentally. We try to remind each other that this too shall pass. We need to get through this....see him through this ear infection...and it will get better.

But today there was a bit of light! By the time I picked him up from school he had started listening and behaving again! Not completely, but oh so much better!!! My Devin was back, I found my beautiful wonderful son again!

We go to the ENT on Wednesday. *Hoping for round 2 of tubes to come Feb 24th*

Please pray that Devin does not get another ear infection in the mean time!!!!


Rebecca said...

I hope you get some answers from the ENT!
Bummer about his behavior. It is so frustrating. Hang tough, follow through on your words to him. Drink lots of wine!

Shauna said...

I'll be praying for you and Devin, I pray he does not get another ear infection and you get the answers you are wanting from the ENT. I know it must be frustrating, hang in there!