Sunday, February 22, 2009

Unexpected Start to Vacation

Well our vacation did not start off so well.....

Friday afternoon, my best friend and Devin's God Mother, Erin came over and went with me to surprise Devin at school. He was excited to say the least! Once we got home I went to unlock the door and somehow managed to drop my ENTIRE key ring (all my keys) down a 1 inch hole in between the cement steps and the house. This became my mini 2 day nightmare!

We spent an hour at the neighbor's house waiting for Erick to get home. Then Erick and I spent a while trying to get them out. We were out in the dark, cold night trying to fish out keys from the hole. We used some of my brother's magnetic and "grabby" tools. We vacuumed out old leaves. We did not know what else to do. We decided to wait until the next day. On Saturday my in-laws came over while Erick was at work to try to help. My mother in law kind of got in the side of the stairs and dug a hole and then my father in law stuck his arm in there with the shop vac and vacuumed until my keys came out! Thank goodness! I was so appreciative and thankful! They insisted on going to get some cement to seal off the hole so that I wouldn't have that problem again!

Personally, I think Erick got off easily! Haha, just kidding! :)

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