Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Game Night

Since all of the shows have ended their regular seasons, Erick and I have been watching 'How I Met Your Mother' on DVD. This was at the recommendation of some friends who really enjoy this hilarious TV Comedy. (I have to agree, if you have not seen it, its definitely worth your time!)

We also have dug deep into the basement and taken out some board games. We've been playing Tri-Ominos and Sequence. We brought up Overturn, but didn't play it. My point in telling you all of this is that Devin found where I had stashed the games and wanted to play them. I created a modified version of Overturn for him where you had to say the name of the letter and then put your ring on it. It was actually a perfect game for Devin...for the whole 3 minutes and 43 seconds he lasted!
Here is a close up. Devin was sitting in the top of the game box while playing. Eh, at least we had fun!


Joanna said...

LOL. It drives me crazy when they beg and plead to play with something and then 3 minutes later they give it up.

As far as sitting in the box lid. What's up with that? Michael does the same thing. I'm wondering if they think they are cats or something.

SGiles said...

That's great! I can't wait until Hannah is old enough to play games. Right now we use her Old Maid Alphabet cards to review her letters and talk about the animals that are on each card. We're hoping to adopt Family Game Night when she gets a bit older.

Stacey said...

I love How I Met Your Mother! Isn't it hilarious?

Zoey and Ford's Mommy said...

We love HIMYM!!

We have so many board games. Maybe now that tv shows are in reruns we'll play them. Thanks for the inspiration!