Monday, June 15, 2009

Papa's Influence

Preface: You have to know my father to appreciate this story. My father is a blues /jazz lover. He plays the bass in different blues and jazz bands and has about a bazillion blues/jazz CDs (am I wrong Mom?). Remember this post from Christmas time?

Devin loves listening to classical music when he goes to bed. Its just a habit that we've gotten into at home and something they do at school too. Its actually proven to boost brain growth, and really Devin just enjoys it. At home his Baby Mozart (or whatever composer we have in that day/week) plays for about an hour and then turns off at the end of the CD.

Sometimes Devin sleeps at my parent's house for his Saturday afternoon nap, or the occasional overnight. Well Saturday afternoon I got Devin all set up for his nap in my parent's Den. I gave him hugs and kisses and left the room. As I was walking down the hallway I could hear him calling me, so I went back in to see what he needed. "Jazzeber, Mommy!"

Huh? I didn't get it.

"Jazz eber Mommy. I need the Jazz Eber!"

It took me a minute until I realized that Devin was asking for one of my father's CDs titled "The Best Smooth Jazz Ever" I would say that Devin is definitely being influenced by his Papa!


Mel said...

So cute that he knows the name of the CD and everything! Maybe Devin will be musically talented with the music appreciation that he has already!

SGiles said...

That's awesome! Hannah listens to classical at night is so funny to hear her ask for Vivaldi!! The other day she said, "Mommy, I've got the funk!" I thought she needed to be changed, but come to find out, Craig had been playing "Pure Funk" in the car!!!

Rebecca said...

That is awesome! Papa will LOVE that!