Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This and That

* Devin did have allergy testing last year. He did not test positive on anything (they tested all major food categories).

* I only have 9 days of school left for this school year!

*I am teaching summer school- third grade - for the month of July.

*Our babysitter is moving to Philly to go to Drexel University after 2 years at one of our state universities. :( We are very sad. She took Devin out on a "date" yesterday. They went out for a pizza dinner and ice cream. She also introduced us to a good friend of hers so that we aren't left without a sitter.

*I hope it works out with the new sitter because I need someone to watch Devin while I work summer school.

* We have a week's vacation coming up soon. I am not sure that we will be doing anything spectacular but it will be fun just to have the time off together. We will definitely hit up some of our local parks and beaches, as well as some museums/aquariums (with our library passes for cheaper prices). I hope we have nice weather!

* For Father's Day this year Erick wants to go to this "Rib Fest" that is held at a local Anheiseur Busch facility. We have talked about going for years, always hear good things about it, but this year we are determined to go!

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Joanna said...

Third graders need summer school? Ouch.

Drexell is a great school, I hope your sitter does well.