Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Devin and I were both in the kitchen, he was painting and I was preparing meatballs for tonight's dinner. We were talking and got on the topic of Grandma (oh I believe we were talking about the dinosaur she got him, which is almost born~ more to come on that) when I mentioned that Grandma spoils him. Devin agreed with a giggle.

I said, "Hmm I am going to have to talk to her about that."

He replied with a big strong willed (yet, not mean) "No!"

As in "No, don't talk to Grandma about spoiling me because then who is going to give me weekly presents, ice cream every time I go over, make muffins for me or buy me munchkins when come over on Saturdays, and basically give me whatever I want because I am her pride and joy?!?!?!? Come on Mom, You will ruin ALL my fun in life!!!!!"


Joanna said...

Just give him a little time and he'll figure out that having talks with grandma does not stop the flow of goodies. Ever.

Mel said...

HA HA!! I threatened to tell Analese's grandma not to buy her anymore presents because she loses everything. That didn't go over too well!