Sunday, July 19, 2009

And I Thought I was Sick...

Remember last week I had the summer cold which put me out of commission for a few days? I felt crummy with a fever, headache, dizziness, and cold symptoms. Well that's NOTHING compared to what poor Devin has been dealing with!

Devin spent the night with my parents Friday, and Saturday morning my Mom called to say that Devin had gotten sick and had a fever. She wanted to know about giving him some medication. I answered her questions and we started getting ready to head over to get our sick boy. Soon after she called back to say he had gotten sick again. :(

We went and got him and brought him home. Over the course of yesterday his temperature went up to 104* (a few different times!) and he also got sick a third time. It was kind of scary for a little while. We couldn't get his temp down. He couldn't keep anything down, cool baths and cloths weren't working, and we just had him hanging out in his shorts with a cool pack and the fan going (plus its air conditioned in here). His temp stayed up around 103* for most of the day and night. Finally around 3:30am I was able to get him to keep some Tylenol down and when he woke up at 8am his temp was down to 101*.

Devin is doing MUCH better today. His temp seems to be staying down, even below 100* now (without medication!) and he has had some toast and asked for more food. I told him we could try some plain noodles after nap (he asked for spaghetti).

Its awful seeing my baby so sick!


Mel said...

Poor Devin! I hope he feels better soon, and I hope he enjoys his plain spaghetti:(

Joanna said...

Oh, I hope he's feeling better. Poor boy. (And poor mommy. I know how hard it is to watch your little one when he's sick.)

Lisa and Curtis said...

I'm so glad he's better now! That was a rough one:(