Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July Week-end

Our week-end began with some at-home time. We got some house work done and just hung out. Devin took this time to play in his sand-box.

Then we went over to Erick's parents' house. The boys went swimming in Abuela and Grandpa's big pool. It was waaaay too cold for me! (I am a wimp!) Devin is doing really well with swimming. If he has his life jacket on, he can swim all on his on! Yay for Devin and swim lessons!

After several hours there, we headed over to our friends' house to hang out. There were a lot of kids for Devin to play with- so he was very happy! When we pulled up he said, "Kids! Toys!" Here are some of the kids waiting to roast marshmallows for S'Mores!

Here they are with their sticks!
Devin had a lot of fun and stayed up late!
On the 5th of July we went to my parents house for a BBQ. It was a nice relaxing day. Here is Devin with my grandmother. I love this picture!
And this is how Devin ended the week-end.....


Joanna said...

Nothing tops a weekend like an ice cream bar, does it?

Also, is it just me or Devin 3 going on 13? Dude, he looks so grown up.

Rebecca said...

WOW! Look at Devin in the pool! WAY TO GO!!!

Kara said...

Great pictures!