Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy Week-end

Erick has been working a lot lately, so we had to cram a lot in between Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Saturday when Erick got home we hopped in the car and headed to his parents house for a visit. His aunt, Tia Tonya, was there and her daughter, Carolyn, stopped by with her daughters, J'Lynn and Jada. Everyone had fun eating BBQ, playing ball, and winding down with a little Disney channel (for the kids)/Red Sox (for the adults). It was a great visit.

Here is Erick with Devin and Erick's dad.
Erick and his mom playing baseball with Devin.
Devin doing a little dance while running the bases. (It was pretty cute!)
Here is Jada, Devin, and J'Lynn.
Jada and Devin.
On Sunday we headed over to the beach to see our friends, Hollie and Moses and their kids Kolbe and Aiden. Devin had fun playing with kids in the sand, going back and forth to the water (which I was told wasn't too cold) and I enjoyed relaxing in my chair soaking up some sun, reading, and chatting. The weather was great (read: not too hot) and everyone enjoyed themselves. Later we went out for dinner and ice cream before heading home.

Here are Devin and Aiden.
Hollie and her boys, Kolbe and Aiden.

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Joanna said...

It looks like you guys had a great weekend. Devin looks like he had a blast. He also looks like he's 5! When did that happen?