Friday, August 14, 2009

Train Outing

Yesterday Devin and I went out for the afternoon with my parents. We went up to the Lakes region of New Hampshire to catch an hour long train ride around (part of) Lake Winnipesauke. After the train ride we hung out in the arcade for a bit before heading out for a yummy seafood dinner. Everyone, except Grandma (a Land Lover only!) enjoyed delicious seafood at the Makris Lobster House- even Devin had fresh haddock sticks!

Here we are enjoying the train ride.
My mom and I :)
The arcades! I didn't know the impulse to play in these places would start so early...
Here is my Dad trying to win Devin some tickets.
Some really nice older biker guys gave Devin their tickets. So with those, in addition to the ones my dad got him Devin was able to get a water ball, a parachute guy, and his favorite prize was a small magnifying glass. He has been making everything BIGGER since! Hey, it keeps him busy!

Here is a quick video (if you can listen through all of the background noise...) to show just how much Devin enjoyed the train ride. He is singing "I love the train!"

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Joanna said...

Devin must have been in heaven. Trains and an arcade. What more could he ask for?