Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Swimming has been Devin's favorite activity this summer, and he is pretty good at it! Poor kid does have to wear a lot of gear to get in the pool though. First he has his molded ear plugs due to his ear tubes, over that he wears a headband to make sure that we don't lose the ear plugs. He also wears his life vest which makes him VERY mobile in the pool! All in all our pool has been a life saver this summer!

Here is a quick video of Devin swimming all the way down to the deep end.

A lot of the time in the pool is spent with our neighbor Lexi. These 2 are so cute together!


Joanna said...

Way to go Devin. Picking up the chicks even with the headband holding in his earplugs.

Lisa and Curtis said...

omg that was awsesome!! Curtis, Bella & I watched it and were very impressed! We need to get our kids in the water over here. lol

Mel said...

So cute! Devin is just all geared up for his swimming. And having a great time apparently!

Michele said...

Wow, he is really good at swimming! That was impressive and he looks so stinking cute!