Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Middle of the Night

As I was peacefully dreaming of cost-free relaxing vacations on beautiful islands and calorie-exempt desserts, I was awoken by a shrieking little voice yelling, "Mommy! Mooooom! Mommy I have to peeeee!"

So I got up and helped the little guy to the bathroom. Both of us, in a half drunk stupor, made it there and back. As I was tucking Devin back into bed he asked me, "Can I be done sleeping now?"

"Uhhh, no Devin its 1 am. Its still the middle of the night." I told him and I kissed him goodnight and went back to bed.

A few minutes later he was coughing repeatedly and I knew it wasn't going to stop. <His asthma has been really bad lately.> I went and got the Nebulizer and medicine and brought it into his room. I entered into my "Nurse Mommy" roll and administered the Neb while Devin lay half-asleep.

When it was done, Devin asked me, "Are you going to watch the news now Mommy?"

"No, Devin. I am going to WASH the Neb and go back to bed."

"Yeah, its the middle of the night." Devin said.


Joanna said...

The most important thing that mommies fail to teacher their children? How to call for DADDY in the middle of the night. I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.

Mel said...

That would have been a nice dream to continue. Hope you were able to go back to it!

Lisa and Curtis said...

Oh man:( I hope you were dreaming about discount shopping in Hawaii! lol {After all those pics I showed you LOL}

Hope you are sleeping better tonight my friend!