Thursday, November 19, 2009

Academic Progress

Devin's academic progress has really been impressing us lately! He has taken a liking to letters and sounds and is really catching on quickly. Just tonight during his bath as he was playing with his foam letters I was asking him loads of questions.

Mom: Devin what sound does 'bear' begin with?

Devin: B like Boden! (*we did several more beginning sound examples at this time)

Mom: And what does 'duck' begin with?

Devin: dddd D like Devin!

Mom: Very good! How do you spell Devin? What comes first?

Devin: D

Mom: Yup. And then what?

Devin: e-v-i-n.

Mom: Great job Devin! Now how do you spell 'bus' ?

Devin: Bbbbuuuussss. B-u-s. Bus.

Mom: Yes! Okay and how do you spell 'Hi' ?

Devin: Hi. H-i. Hi. *Devin can also write Hi (his first written word).

Erick and I are so proud of our boy, whose brain is like a little sponge just absorbing everything around him! I write this, though, not to brag, but to preserve these memories and milestones.


Stacey said...

That's so great! You SHOULD be proud of your little smartie :)

Joanna said...

Isn't it fun to watch them soak things up?

Have you tried yet?

Michele said...

Wow that is impressive! Nash isn't even close to doing this yet even though he is in preschool/daycare.

Lisa and Curtis said...

Wow! That's amazing Karla! You and E are doing such an awesome job with him! You all should be soooo proud!!