Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat (part 2)

Last night was Halloween night! We had a good time. The weather was surprisingly mild for the last day of October! We lit our jack-o-lantern, put out some candy for the few trick-or-treaters we get in our development and headed out with Lexi, her Grammy, and her Auntie.

I couldn't get these 2 to pose for me! Devin the skunk and Lexi, Alice in Wonderland

Getting some treats!
It didn't take us long to visit the neighbors in our small development, so when we were done we drove over to surprise my friend Nancy from work for a quick visit. Even the drive over to Nancy's house was fun because we passed by several haunted yards- we rolled down our windows and went really slow to enjoy! Devin got a little spooked by this!

By 8:00pm the skunk was pooped out, so we came home and he quickly went to sleep in his "den." HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Stacey said...

I just love photos of Halloween costumes from behind. So cute! I'm glad to hear you had a happy Halloween.