Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reunion from the Good Old Days

Miss Kristen, Miss Jamie, and Miss Karla

Last week I was able to visit with some friends/old co-workers. The 3 of us used to work at Kristen's pre-school ~Child Guidance (well, Kristen is still there since she owns it!). I have moved on teaching in the public elementary school and Jamie now lives in San Diego, but was in town for a visit with her family and friends.

Kristen arranged for some of our old students to come and visit too. They are now teens through early twenties- we had them in their pre-school and single digit years!!! Wow have they grown up!

It was so nice to see everyone, reminisce, and chat about the "Good Old Days" for a little bit!

Devin also made a new buddy in the youngest sibling of a family that I had all 3 of the older siblings and babysat for about 8 years! Here are Devin and Ryan having a blast!

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