Sunday, April 4, 2010

Busy Week-end and Picture Overload!

We started off the week-end with a park playdate with Kim, Emma, and Lexie. All was going well until Devin face planted off the monkey bars. It wasn't pretty. Nose bleed, fat lips, and split gum (above the front teeth) so we headed home for popsicles, ice, and a movie. Poor kid. He is doing better now, but I have a feeling the gum/lip thing is going to take a while to heal.

Saturday morning Devin and I made bunny cupcakes for Easter. It was an idea that Devin came up with after he saw my ALL YOU magazine with bunny cupcakes on the cover. Devin was a big help: lining the cupcake pan, measuring the water, and placing all of the bunnies on top.

Saturday afternoon, after a haircut, lunch, and nap, we headed over to see Candace and Matthew. The boys had fun running around and got nice and DIRTY!!
Happy Easter by the way! On Sunday we started off the day at home with an egg hunt indoors and Easter basket. Then we headed outside for an egg hunt with Lexie. That was a lot of fun. They are so cute together.
Is that picture didn't make you say "awwwee!" then how about this sweet one?

We spent the afternoon at my parent's house. A delicious ham dinner courtesy of Mom, another egg hunt with some great gifts, and good company/many laughs and our day was complete.

Check out this gorgeous beach bag from Grandma and Papa! He even got a matching beach towel.Grandma and Devin checking out the eggs while Memmere watches.

Papa and Marie taking it all in, including the beautiful, warm sun!
Uncle Mark has been teaching Devin how to play hockey. They took a break here for the egg hunt!

We are so thankful to have wonderful friends and great family! We love you all :)


Rebecca said...

Aren't you LOVING this weather? It was cold last Easter!
I love the bag Devin got! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Stacey said...

Those photos of Devin and Lexie are so cute!

Heidi O said...

Sounds like a great Easter! Love the overload.

Steph said...

So much fun stuff to comment on here but all I can think about are cupcakes. :) And, I like that beach bag. I have been thinking of getting one from that line for the summer here to go to the pool.