Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lessons Devin has Learned this Week

* Don't let your butt slide forward on the swing, you WILL fall off.

*Look where you are going, especially during a fire drill, or you WILL bump into another child.

*Don't slip off the monkey bars or you WILL face plant on the ground.

*Pay attention to the water you are pouring in your cup, it WILL overflow all over the place.

*Don't hold a chocolate tightly in your hand, it WILL melt.

Yeah, Devin currently has a bruised cheek, 2 fat lips, and ripped that thing above your front teeth connecting to your lips. I swear I don't beat him. I have witnesses. LOL


Heidi O said...

Oh my! Just be thankful that he wasn't afraid to even try. Sometimes you just have to go through something to learn cause and effect. First hand knowledge is much more powerful than being told. lol

Fullerton Family said...

Oh my gosh!! Poor guy, boys are so rough on EVERYTHING- including themselves! I'm a little worried for what the future holds with Carson! I hope he heals up quickly!