Monday, April 26, 2010

Papa Time

Devin has been working on his batting skills with Daddy the past few days. So over the week-end when we visited my parents, naturally, Papa (being a former sports Dad and Coach) tried his hand at teaching Devin.
Devin is doing very well at batting for only having a few day's practice. (Especially if the pitcher is accurate- me, not so much!) He also has one heck of a throwing arm! Here is a quick video of his skills:



Joanna said...

There is nothing better than watching daddies or grandpas teaching little boys how to do something. It's so sweet and touching.

As for mommies trying to pitch for those little boys, Hey, at least we try. (I almost beaned a neighborhood girl in the head on Saturday. Oops!)

Stacey said...

He's doing awesome! It's nice for boys to have their special daddy/grandpa things.

Lisa and Curtis said...

He's really good for his age I think! And I just love that Papa is so involved with him!!

Heidi O said...

That's great that he is having such fun!

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