Saturday, April 17, 2010

Life's Curve Balls

I am still here. I've been busy dealing with some of life's curve balls. Its funny how when things get crazy hectic in life, other things get put to the back burner. Its not because I don't want to do them, its that emotional issues wear me down. They exhaust me. Anyone else like that?


Here is a sneak peek of one of Devin's birthday presents...SHHH! Don't tell him!
He is a Buzz Lightyear obsessed little boy right now! He is OBVIOUSLY having that as his theme for his birthday...Bounce House and all!


Carrie77 said...

A guy at my work was just telling me his son LOVES Buzz Lightyear... I don't even think Nathan knows who he is!! (He is Spongebob obsessed).. He will love that table!

Lisa and Curtis said...

Love that table set! And yep, I'm right there with you on the getting behind on, thing. haha You've been going through a lot, and I hope you can get a break soon:)