Monday, April 19, 2010

Interview with Devin...Revisited

I did this interview with Devin last year and thought it would be fun to re-visit it and see if/how his answers changed.

~ What is something mom always says to you? Devin, no!

~ What makes mom happy? Listen and saying good things

~ What makes mom sad? Saying bad things

~ How does your mom make you laugh? tickle my belly

~ How old is your mom? 6

~ How tall is your mom? You're just like this (pointing to mid way up his chest)

~ What is your mom really good at? listening

~ What does your mom do for her job? go to work What does Mom do for work? You teach students!

~ What is your mom's favorite food? casserole

~ What makes mom proud of you? Listening to you

~ What do you and your mom do together? relax

~ How do you know your mom loves you? because we're family

~ Where is your mom's favorite place to go? Store, Mommy Store

I always find these things funny. Its insightful to ask Devin questions that I wouldn't normally ask him and see things through his eyes. I am glad to see I've aged, from 2 to 6! Hopefully all years don't pass that fast. And, uh, gee do you think we talk about "listening" much?


Carrie77 said...

Haha, cute! Mommy store!

Heidi O said...

'Listening', it never goes out of style. :)

Mel said...

HA HA! I can't wait to try this interview!

Joanna said...

Casserole? I don't know why, but that one cracked me up. I also love that he thinks you are great at listening when he understands how important listening is.

Steph said...


Karla said...

Joanna, Casserole is definitely NOT my favorite thing to eat!!! lol

Lisa and Curtis said...

OMg I HAVE to do this ith bella! Thank you for the idea!