Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beautiful Weather

We are in the midst of some beautiful weather. FINALLY!!!! It was in the 70's yesterday so we went to play at my friend Heather's house after school. Devin and her son Pierce had so much fun running around in her backyard playing ball, looking for bugs, and so on. Heather and I enjoyed sitting and chatting and soaking up the sunshine.

Today and tomorrow it is going to be in the 80's. Devin and I are headed to my parent's house to play in the backyard with all of Devin's toys. (Erick is working today and then he will be on vacation like us!) Then Devin will be sleeping over with Grandma so Erick and I can go out with some friends.

Tomorrow I hope to do something fun outdoors. Maybe a ride to the beach? Play at the park?

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Mel said...

Maybe the warm weather is here to stay now!