Monday, April 27, 2009

Things Accomplished on Vacation (so far...)

*Played outside ALL day Saturday....watching Devin run from toy to toy. Loving it!

*1st Motorcycle ride of the season with my Dad!

*1st BBQ of the season at my parents house

*Went out with friends for a Going Away party. Our friend German is going to do his 3rd tour in Iraq/possibly Afghanistan (please say a quick prayer right now if you would). This was awesome! We had a fantastic time and got home SUPER late!!! We are not used to staying out late. It was worth it!

*Slept late on Sunday!

*Shopping trip/out to dinner as a family(4 hours long might I add) and for the most part Devin behaved! For not being used to shopping that long, I was impressed!

More to come on our vacation......
~park trips
~Aquarium visit
~birthday party


Steph said...

Sounds awesome! Yay for finally having some nice weather and being able to get out and enjoy it!

Joanna said...


Elizabeth said...

Hi, Karla,
Sounds like a good vacation so far! Ours was last week.
I want to apologize for not getting back to you about the New England Bloggers. I thought I was receiving all of my comments via email, but such was not the case, so I am going through them one by one. I'm adding you to the list today. If you'd like to be included in emails about activities we are doing, you can email me through my profile. For example, this week we are hosting giveaways and linking to each other. It's really increasing traffic.