Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's been a rough season

We've got colds again....

Poor Devin has been sick all week, but really sick since Wednesday. He had a fever Wednesday through Friday. Finally he woke up today (after 13 hours of slumber) without a fever...yay! He also has a nasty runny nose, cough, and watery eyes.

I started with a sore throat at the beginning of the week. That went away and then I got SUPER congested, which is where I stand now. I hate being congested! I also just feel so run down. Blah!

I did manage to air out the house, change the bedding, and Lysol every inch of the house today. I also brought Devin outside for some fresh air since he had not been out for so long. He is used to going out to play every day!!! We just went for a light walk.

Hopefully all of that helps us!

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Rebecca said...

It seems never ending doesn't it? Feel better!