Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had such a fun Easter! When Devin woke up on Easter morning I went and crawled into his bed with him. He asked me, "Did the trick or treat bunny come Mommy?" LOL I thought that was so cute! He got up and the egg hunt was on. There were eggs outside his bedroom door, near his toothbrush, and all the way down the stairs. Devin had so much fun hunting for eggs. He even asked me to hide to the eggs so he could find them a second time!
After the egg hunt and opening his basket we had breakfast and a nice morning. We also read his Easter book and talked about the meaning of Easter and the love of God and Jesus in our hearts. Later we convinced Devin to take a nap before heading off to my parents for a nice Easter dinner.

At my parents' house Devin was spoiled with presents and another egg hunt. Here he is with Papa and Grandma.
Devin couldn't wait to have a piece of Grandma's pistachio cake. He had to wait for Memmere to get there though.
Once Memmere arrived (my 76 year old grandmother) Devin had her playing dinosaurs, Diego, and chase! Boy she can still keep up with him!After this great day we headed home to relax and spend some time together before it was off to bed for all. I hope everyone had as blessed an Easter as we did.

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Lisa and Curtis said...

Awe, sounds like you guys had a great day! Love the pics!!