Wednesday, April 29, 2009


~While riding on his 2 wheel bike (with training wheels) at my parents house Devin announced, "This is my motorcycle and a girl sits on the back!" (meaning behind him on the seat!)

~ At school Devin recently announced to his classmates, "My Daddy is fixing the water in the basement. He is sooooo strooong!" (While making the muscle flexing motion!)

~ "Can I watch a movie on your teapot Mommy?" (After a while I finally figured out he meant I- Pod!!!)


Mel said...

A girl on the back Hee Hee! Does he have anyone in mind? HA HA about the teapot! Analese thinks my iphone is her iphone. She loves to watch movies there also.

Steph said...

The teapot! Too funny!

Lisa and Curtis said...

hahaha! that is so cute!