Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Randomness

* On Sunday we went to a birthday party for one of Erick's cousin's daughters. She turned 9 and had a Hello Kitty themed birthday party at a place called AMAZEment. Devin had loads of fun! The first hour of the party was dedicated to swimming. Devin started off in the shallow end with some of the other kids. After an half hour or so he decided he wanted to go in the deep end with the "older kids." In order to go in the deep end, you had to pass a swim test. He marched over to the lifeguard full of Bravdo and asked if he could do the Swim Test. The swim test consisted of swimming length-wise down the pool in the 6ft section without stopping or touching the walls/floor. I knew that in the summer (4 months ago!!) Devin could swim the width of the deep end, but I wasn't sure that he could make that great length required for the "test." Wouldn't you know, Devin swam than length no problem! About half way through he turned his head and said, "Mommy! I'm doing it!" I was so proud of him! I am thrilled that he has not lost any of his swimming skills. Needless to say, Devin spent the rest of the swimming time playing in the deep end. After swimming the kids played in a giant maze climbing structure complete with slides. Then came pizza and cake followed by tokens/games. What a fun place for the kids!

*Devin is officially all registered for Kindergarten. Erick, Devin, and I went to the private, Christian pre-school/kindergarten (that I visited back in the fall) this afternoon. After the 3 of us were shown around by the director and able to meet the Kindergarten teachers/check out the classrooms we gave the deposit and paperwork to hold him a spot for fall. We are very excited and think that this school will be a great match for Devin. He really seemed to like it and mentioned a few times that he is excited for kindergarten and thinks he will like his new school.

*Devin is also signed up for baseball! This April Devin will be playing on an Instructional 4 year Old Team. (He missed the cut-off by 1 day for T-Ball.) My understanding is that Instructional will be very much like T-Ball, but for 4 year olds.

*I am getting a car starter put in on Friday. Oh boy! I can't wait! With temperatures like today -8, feels like -22, I could definitely use a car starter!!

*What do you think Lolly is trying to tell me? She was sitting in my school bag for a long time tonight!
Look at this silly kitty doing her stretches!!

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Kara said...

Go Devin Go! I have been wondering the same thing... Kendall and Kylee both learned how to swim last summer but I'm curious if they can still jump right in and go now.