Sunday, January 16, 2011

Illness Update

I definitely kick myself in the you-know-what for saying this has been Devin's healthiest year yet! He is just starting to feel better from a 6+day illness. Here is a time line of Devin's illness (for personal reference- as we are still not quite sure what was wrong).

Monday morning- I notice Devin has mild cold symptoms.

Monday night- Devin has a low grade temperature.

Tuesday- Devin stays home from school (with me) with a low grade fever. Begins with cough. Fever continues through day/night.

Wednesday (no school due to Nor'Easter)- Fever continues but stays low (up to 100.7), cough worsens.

Thursday (no school due to snow)- Low grade temperature and cough/congestion. Visit pediatrician. Doctor says its a virus/cold. Increase asthma meds to inhaler every 4 hours. Call back if temperature raises/symptoms worsen.

Thursday evening- Fever spikes to 102.1 Call doctors office.

Friday- Devin stays home from school with Aunt Courtney and Uncle Brian. No fever in the morning. Very wet cough, tired, pale, fever returns by noon- 101.8. Back to the pediatrician in the afternoon. Doctor agreed that Devin looked much worse than the previous day and did NOT like that his fevers were rising after 4 days of low grade temps. He did have a small pocket of fluid in the right ear but it was not believed to be the cause of rising fevers. His lungs sounded clear, as they did the day before. She prescribed Azithromycin antibiotics, believing there was an infection, but not quite sure where.

Friday night- Devin fever raises to 102.5 during the night.

Saturday- Devin has no fever, some ear ache, still tired and pale. Wet cough continues.

Sunday- Devin finally begins to feel better! He has been fever free for 24 hours! He has enough energy to want to play today. He is still coughing, but not as much. Continues inhaler every 4 hours. Antibiotics must be doing the trick!

*I am a bit freaked out/worried/concerned about not know where this infection was or what kind of infection he had. Devin was so pale and the fevers were relentless. The cough is wet and really takes his breath away. I am glad that the antibiotics are working and thankful that the inhaler has helped to keep Devin's airway open and thus his breathing in check. Its sad to see your child so sick and I'm appreciative to see Devin with some pep in his step and color in his face again.


SGiles said...

Thank Goodness he's getting better!! We've had some lingering coughs here in the mornings, but I think it is because it is so dry and our humidifiers can't keep up. It surely is "that time of the year" though...even our cats have colds right now! Here's to a Super Healthy Spring!!!!

Joanna said...

Michael had the same symptoms with his latest virus. A cough and a fever that was low for several days and then jumped up high for a few more days. No clue what it was, but he cleared up without antibiotics. I hope that Devin clears up and stays well for you.