Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time to Catch Up Tuesday

I thought I would take this opportunity and do a random catch-up post since I am home with a sick kid today.

* This particular sick kid is only on sick day #3 of the whole school year (and one day was an asthma monitoring day). This happens to be (dare I say this out loud) his personal best year EVER health-wise! WOOT!

*As some of you know, my mom had a LARGE tumor mass removed from her ankle on December 27. She is still on her long recovery road. She can't put any weight on her foot and has to sit with it elevated most of the day. The good news is that she hasn't heard any bad news on the lab results of the tumor! She isn't much of a TV watcher and has been reading a lot. (I had to make a Barnes and Noble stock up trip for her last Saturday!) Dad also went out and got them a laptop to help pass the time.

*Devin has really been enjoying his Leapfrog Tag and Explorer that he got for Christmas. This is a relief, since he didn't ask for either one! I especially like this large World Map that we got him to go with the Tag. I've already got put away a spelling game to go with the Tag and a new Explorer Toy Story 3 game (for a total $22!!) for Valentine's Day. Whattadeal!
*Devin loves to play games. He got a few new ones for Christmas like (a version of) Trouble, Hi Ho Cherry'O, Hot Potato, and more. When we went for a play date at Kim, Emma, and Lexie's over Christmas vacation he got to try Don't Break the Ice! What fun!
*Miss Lolly continues to crack us up! Here she is having a blast in the packaging for water. Silly girl!! I think this kept her busy for at least a half an hour!
She definitely thinks she is the princess of the house. 5 pound kitty sitting in the most comfortable chair in the house!
*I'm looking forward to a snow day tomorrow. We are expecting 8 to 14 inches of snow starting around day break tomorrow and lasting throughout the day. This will mean I don't have to use a sick day if Devin is still sick! Once he is feeling better, Devin will enjoy playing in a foot of cold, white fluffy stuff. He's crazy! He loves the snow!!

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Kara said...

Hope Devin is feeling better before the snow gets there.

By the way our streets are terrible here. No plows and it's just too much snow for the salt. They are however great for sledding! The city is pretty much shut down right now. Everything is closed!