Wednesday, January 5, 2011


One of the gifts that Devin received this Christmas was a Discovery Kids Camera. This camera does not take the best quality pictures, but it is tough in that it withstands being dropped by a 4 year old. It is easy to use- Devin can turn it on, shoot the pic, look back at it, decide to keep or delete it all himself. It holds hundreds of photos and also takes video. All in all, its a great little camera! Devin loves it! He has been having a great time photographing all of the people/things in his daily life that he loves most. Here is a sampling of the 185 pictures that he has taken since Christmas.

Random Things
Memmere's Christmas Tree
Bowl of food

Toys on the floor (Slinky and zhu zhu pet)
Basement door Family Members

Aunt CourtneySchool
Some of his favorite friends from school...and their teacher.
3 of his girlfriends
His best little buddyHis coloring work, very important!Classroom shotStay tuned for his favorite subject....


Carrie77 said...

Love all of the shots! I bet its fun to see everything through his eyes.

Lisa and Curtis said...

haha he's got talent, I tell you! great pics!

Joanna said...

Kids have an interesting view of the world. It's really neat to see what he's captured.

Kara said...

Love this post. So neat to see the world through his eyes!